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I'm currently writing several books that address different aspects of productivity, time management, habit development and goal setting. Below, you'll find the books that are now available.

Most of my action guides can be purchased at Amazon for less than the price of a Venti iced mocha at Starbucks. Given the low price, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of any title you're interested in.

Here are my latest books and actions guides...

In a nutshell: Most tasks waste time and effort. We can accomplish more by focusing on what matters. This is the core truth behind the 80/20 rule. 80/20 Your Life! shows you how to apply this principle in every area of your life.

This action guide provides a practical blueprint for getting maximum results from any endeavor. From dieting and exercise to career planning, investing, and creating meaningful relationships, it'll show you have to achieve more by doing less!

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: Perfectionism imposes an emotional - and often physical - cost. It hurts your productivity, increases your stress, and can even compromise your relationships. The Joy Of Imperfection will help you to overcome the habit and silence your inner critic.

This action guide provides a foolproof plan for learning to let go of your impossible standards. Included are 18 simple exercises that will help you to abandon the all-or-nothing mindset, embrace the idea of "good enough," and reap the benefits!

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: Being a people pleaser can make you feel exhausted and resentful. Worse, it can erode your self-confidence as you start feeling like a doormat. The Art Of Saying NO shows you how to set boundaries and gain others' respect in the process.

This action guide investigates the reasons we put other people's priorities ahead of our own. It also provides a 10-step strategic guide for turning people down with grace and finesse. This system works whether you're talking to your boss, coworker, family members, clients, neighbors, or strangers!

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: Everyone procrastinates. The problem is, this habit can have a devastating effect on your productivity and happiness. The Procrastination Cure shows you more than 21 tactics for learning how to make fast decisions and take quick action.

This action guide starts by exploring the most common reasons we put things off, and then prescribes a proven strategy for breaking the habit. Incorporate these 21 tactics into your day and watch your productivity soar!

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: From world-class athletes to high-powered CEOs, many successful people swear by their morning routines. They rely on them to boost their energy, increase their productivity, and improve their mindset. Morning Makeover will show you how to do the same thing.

This action guide takes you through a step-by-step system for creating tailored morning routines that'll help you to accomplish your goals. You'll discover how to squeeze maximum value from your mornings and design a more rewarding lifestyle in the process!

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In a nutshell: Distractions prevent you from getting things done. The problem is, it's difficult to stay focused for more than a few minutes at a time. Fast Focus shows you how to master your attention and keep distractions at bay.

The result? A huge increase in your productivity!

This action guide provides a no-nonsense, fast-track blueprint for developing razor-sharp focus. You'll learn how to get "in the zone" whenever you need to so you can concentrate on getting work done!

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In a nutshell: Good habits are tough to develop. Making them stick is even tougher. But there's a simple, proven formula for creating positive behavioral routines that last. Small Habits Revolution describes that formula in detail!

This action guide takes you step by step through the habit development process. You'll discover the easiest way to create any new habit you desire, and make it stick. Apply this formula to develop routines that'll lead to a more rewarding lifestyle!

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell:

Are you frustrated because your to-do lists never get done? Do you feel guilty whenever you have unfinished tasks at the end of the day?

If so, it's not your fault.

The good news is that you can start creating to-do lists that help you to get your important work done by using the right system. To-Do List Formula describes the system, step by step. If you're tired of not getting through your to-do lists, grab a copy of this fast-moving action guide.

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: Managing your time and increasing your productivity is easy when you use a proven system. The Time Chunking Method is one of the most popular time management systems ever created. This book goes much further than the basics.

This action guide provides an easy-to-execute blueprint for getting maximum use from The Time Chunking Method. You'll learn how to apply it in a way that complements how you work.

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: This action guide offers a 30-day blueprint for skyrocketing your productivity. Thirty fast-moving chapters describe 30 bad habits that may be wreaking havoc with your ability to efficiently manage your time. Actionable tips are provided in each chapter to help you curb those habits and replace them with healthier patterns.

The 30-Day Productivity Plan is organized so you can jump directly to the chapters that address your current challenges. It's also a useful guide you can refer to on a regular basis to monitor your progress.

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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In a nutshell: Our compulsive use of the internet and our phones is hurting us. It's causing us stress, impairing our sleep, harming our relationships, and destroying our productivity. It's unsurprising that we're more tired and frustrated than we've ever been. It's time to take a break. It's time to unplug.

Digital Detox: Unplug To Reclaim Your Life lays out a step-by-step blueprint for redefining your relationship with technology. It explains how your dependency on the internet and your phone is hampering your performance. You'll also learn how your life will improve once you regain control of your impulses.

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Now available in paperback and audiobook!

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