The Pomodoro Technique Is Free For A Limited Time

I have good news!

Starting tomorrow (Monday), my book “The Pomodoro Technique: A 10-Step Action Plan For Increasing Your Productivity” will be free for the next few days.


If you’ve been waiting to pick up a copy, now’s your chance to do so without spending a cent. You can download it to your Kindle or read it on your laptop, tablet or phone.

Now, I have a small favor to ask you. If you get a chance to read “The Pomodoro Technique,” would you mind posting an honest review of it at Amazon? Your review will …

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My Top 8 Shortcuts For Beating Procrastination

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Everyone battles procrastination.

It’s a uniquely human trait. We’ll always put off today the task that can be done tomorrow.

If there’s a big enough incentive to act now, we’ll do so. For example, if you develop acute pancreatitis, you’ll probably (hopefully!) jump to action and head to the hospital. Your incentive is to end the pain and avoid permanent damage to your body.

But if the incentive isn’t big enough, we wait until it is.

A perfect example is cleaning the house. It’s not a life and death situation. No one is going to die if you neglect to

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Top 6 Time-Tracking Apps To Boost Your Productivity

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Ever wonder where all your time went?

Ever shut down your computer or closed your laptop at the end of the day and thought to yourself, “Good grief! I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped to!”

I’m guessing the answer is yes. If it’s any consolation, you’re in good company. Most people aren’t able to accurately account for their time. They let it slip through their fingers.

That’s unfortunate. Wasted time means less time to do what you really want. It also means less income and more stress. That’s no way to live life, especially when it’s

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A Simple System For Avoiding Information Overload

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That’s what being an info-junkie cost me. If I’m being honest, it probably cost me a lot more.

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I’m willing to bet that you’re a junkie too. You collect a mountain of information and read every detail before you take action.

On the one hand, that level of preparation improves the quality and thoroughness of your output. If you’re writing a book on golf and

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How To Get Up Early: 7 Simple Hacks For Waking Up Earlier In The Morning

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Get into the habit of waking up early and you’ll be more productive, more energized and more grounded for the rest of your day.

The result?

You’ll end up getting more things done earlier. And that means you can spend more time doing the things you love rather than the things you have to do.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Today, we’re going to dig deeply into an area of productivity that proves challenging for a lot of folks: waking up early. You can probably relate if you’re a night owl. It’s not easy to change your sleep patterns and become

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